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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Employment Standards Division promotes and enforces provincial employment standards established under The Saskatchewan Employment Act

The Act took effect April 29, 2014.  Please visit for more information about Employment Standards including information on annual vacations, hours of work, minimum wage and more.

Please note:  Employment standards complaints are retroactive up to a year.  Please see The Labour Standards Act for employment standards legislation prior to April 29, 2014.



Contact Us

If you have an employment standards question or require further assistance, please contact us by one of the following options:  

Employment Standards Division (Head Office):
3rd Floor, 1870 Albert Street
Regina SK  S4P 4W1

Toll Free: 1.800.667.1783
Tel: 306.787.2438
Fax: 306.787.4780

Employment Standards District Offices List

Information on prosecutions, convictions and acquittals under The Saskatchewan Employment Act and regulations.

A commitment to delivering high quality service to our clients - employees, employers and the public at large.  These principles are founded on the common values of courtesy, respect, transparency and fairness. Everyone at the Labour Standards Branch has contributed to and is committed to these principles. 

The documents provided here are available in a number of different languages and cover a variety of topics, including fairness, health and safety and temporary work regulations.   

Our Ministry offers information packages intended to address labour standards issues that apply to specific industries, including: employees in dental professions, retailers, and the restaurant and foodservice industries.  

An index of all Labour Standards publications and forms.

Our Labour Standards Branch provides a number of tip sheets to help you learn about, understand and be fully aware of your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Knowing how to look out for yourself and others can help you have safe, healthy and fair work experiences.

The Labour Standards Division offers podcasts of six 50-minute webinars. Each webinar addresses one of the following labour standards topics: Overtime; Public Holiday Pay; Annual Holiday Pay; Discharge and Layoffs; Special Provisions (i.e. minimum wage rules and FAQs); and Pay, Deductions and Records.

The Minimum Wage Regulations were amended to establish age 16 as the general minimum age of employment in Saskatchewan.  An ‘absolute’ minimum age of 14 has also been established provided those 14 and 15 year old workers fulfil certain requirements. 

Use the vacation pay calculator online tool to help calculate the amount of annual vacation pay owed to an employee.

Our Youth at Work information includes the YWRCC and Ready for Work programs, and a variety of resources to help young people successful transition into the workforce.  We also offer resources for educators, employers and parents. 

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Labour Mobility refers to an agreement between Canadian jurisdictions that aims to ensure that a worker's professional or occupational certification issued by a regulator in one jurisdiction may be accepted as certification in another Canadian jurisdiction, upon the worker's application. Some conditions and exceptions apply. 

The Ministry of Economy has proviced a provincial wage survey of employers in Saskatchewan in 2011. A similar survey from 2009 provides current wage information on 244 occupations collected from 1,100 employers, representing nearly 90,000 employees in the province.

Includes the Pregnancy, Parenting and the Workplace Handbook.

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