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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Saskatchewan is $10.00 per hour and minimum call-out pay is$30.00.

Most employees covered by The Labour Standards Act must be paid at least the minimum wage for each hour worked for the employer, or spent at the disposal of the employer.

Minimum Call-out Pay

Most employees get a minimum payment ("minimum call-out" pay) every time their employer requires them to report for work (other than for overtime). Minimum call-out pay is three times the value of the current minimum wage (see pay schedule chart below).

Employees get minimum call-out pay even if there is no work for them. If an employee does work, he or she must receive either minimum call-out pay, or the employee’s regular wages for the time worked, whichever is greater.

Minimum call-out pay rules do not apply to:

  1. students in Grade 12 or lower during the school term;
  2. janitors, caretakers, and building cleaners;
  3. school bus drivers; and
  4. noon hour supervisors employed by a school board.

If these employees work, they are only paid for the time worked.

Under The Labour Standards Act, this Board is mandated to review and make recommendations to the Minister repsonsible for Labour on the minimum wage at least once every two years. 

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See backgrounder: Take Home Pay for Saskatchewan Minimum Wage Earners (under Related Documents below) for more information.

The Minimum Wage Regulations were amended to establish age 16 as the general minimum age of employment in Saskatchewan.  An ‘absolute’ minimum age of 14 has also been established provided those 14 and 15 year old workers fulfil certain requirements. 

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