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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Occupational Health and Safety in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Employment Act. The Act took effect April 29, 2014. Please visit for more information about Occupational Health and Safety including information on safety rights and responsibilities in the workplace, WHMIS, harassment in the workplace, and information for occupational health committees and occupational health and safety representatives.

N.B. Employers whose business crosses provincial boundaries, such as transportation, telecommunications and banking companies, fall under federal jurisdiction.

Notice: The Occupational Health and Safety Division of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Labour and Workplace Safety does not recognize, certify, or endorse any third party training beyond the qualified instructor and approved training agency status processes in place for OHC training.  Additionally, the Occupational Health and Safety Division does not prescribe specific courses be provided by any particular firm.  For information on how to become a qualified instructor or approved training agency, contact OHS.  Training you take and pay for with any external third party will be done at your own risk.  Doing research and performing reference checks for any training you require is recommended. 

OHS News, Notices and Upcoming Events:

OHS has transferred its training responsibilities to the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) through our WorkSafe Partnership. As of September 2013, the WCB will offer and coordinate all training. To register for training please visit

Call for Input: Health Canada Launches Consultation Process to Improve Labeling and Classification of Workplace Chemicals
This consultation begins the process of applying the Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) for workplace chemicals. Health Canada wants comments on  proposed changes to supplier requirements for classifying and labeling chemicals, and providing data sheets. For additional information, please refer to the Health Canada website

Operation of Chlorine Gas Rooms for Occupational Health and Safety
This fact sheet describes occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements that apply to the operation of chlorine gas storage and feed rooms for swimming pools. Learn more.

Design and Construction of Chlorine Gas Rooms for Occupational Health and Safety and Public Health
This fact sheet describes occupational health and safety and public health requirements that apply to the design and construction of new chlorine gas storage and feed rooms for swimming pools. The designer and owner of the facility should contact Occupational Health and Safety Division (OHS) during the design phase to ensure the facility will be in compliance with OHS requirements prior to construction. Learn more.

Safety Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace.

More about OHS:

Information on prosecutions, convictions and acquittals under The Saskatchewan Employment Act and regulations.

To protect Saskatchewan's farmers, their families and employees, our Farm Safety Program works with many partners to prevent injuries and to promote safe work practices on the farm.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is a system for classifying hazardous products and for communicating information on labels and safety data sheets.

Each year, Saskatchewan recognizes April 28th as the Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on-the-job.

The theme for this year's North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, May 5 to 11, is "Safety and Health: A Commitment for Life: Are You as Safe as You Think"

All workers under Saskatchewan law have the right to participate in workplace health and safety decisions. Employers must either establish an Occupational Health Committee or an Occupational Health and Safety Representative, depending on certain criteria.

Our Ministry has an impartial appeals process in place for appealing an Occupational Health Officer's (OHO’s) decision.

The documents provided here are available in a number of different languages and cover a variety of topics, including fairness, health and safety and temporary work regulations.   

An index of all our OHS hazard alerts, information bulletins, safety notices, booklets, brochures, guides, and forms.   

A series of online training courses to enhance accessibility to learning opportunities for our workplaces. This training is aimed at people who are responsible for conducting inspections and investigations related to health and safety in the workplace.

The Radiation Safety Unit works to ensure that owners and operators of radiation devices and the public are not exposed unnecessarily to radiation.

WHMIS is a system of resources designed to reduce the risk from hazardous products in the workplace.

Our Youth at Work information includes the YWRCC and Ready for Work programs, and a variety of resources to help young people successful transition into the workforce.  We also offer resources for educators, employers and parents. 

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