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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Improving Relationships Between Employers, Employees and Trade Unions


Our Labour Relations and Mediation Branch offers a Resolving Workplace Conflict and Joint Problem Solving workshop to help employers and unions explore different and more positive ways to approach conflict by:

  • enhancing relationships;
  • encouraging effective communication; and
  • emphasizing common ground.

What does the workshop cover?

The workshop focuses on the application of conflict resolution principles in your workplace.  We use a hands-on learning approach by having participants work through exercises and workplace simulations covering the following topics:

What is Conflict?

  • nature of conflict, and
  • conflict in organizations.

How Do We Deal With Conflict?

  • traditional approaches to conflict;
  • new approaches to conflict; and
  • effective communication skills.

Joint Problem Solving

  • using a collaborative model for resolving conflict;
  • constructing an agenda re: issues; 
  • exploring the interests; and
  • generating options, evaluating options and reaching agreement.


Who should attend?

The workshop requires the participation of both employer and union representatives.

Those who are involved in the relationship are best equipped to identify and implement appropriate improvements.

The workshop is designed for two full days of training. Modifications may be made in some situations.  Workshop groups can range up to 24 participants.

The workshop is provided without cost, but the parties are required to cover the cost of the training facility and costs resulting from participants being absent from work.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Labour Relations and Mediation Branch

(Regina Office)
400 - 1870 Albert Street
Regina SK  S4P 4W1
Tel: 306.787.0817

(Saskatoon Office)
122-3rd Avenue North
Saskatoon SK  S7K 2H6
Tel: 306.933.6587

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